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Causes of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity, what was once shocking and disturbing has now become a fact of life, as adult obesity increased childhood obesity is growing and rapidly increasing.The numbers present a sad reality, one of five children is considered overweight, and this tendency only increases with time, childhood obesity is increasing in different ethnic groups, in both genders and all across the world.

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Prevention of Childhood Obesity

Time has come to reverse this obesity trend that is sweeping the world. Their are solutions that many people just do not see. What is it going to take to hold people responsible and stop the talking? Their is a way to fight this and you need to start at the beginning.

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4 Steps to Preventing Childhood Obesity

In the past few years, information on childhood obesity seems to be everywhere. The reason for this is because of the frightening rate at which the number of obese children is growing. Society is consequently trying hard to react to a worsening problem that is spreading to almost epidemic proportions.

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